Decode exhibition at the V and A Museum

How romantic i hear you say?
Thats exactly what i thought so went on valentines day for a geek up at the Decode exhibition. It was filled with awesome interactive digital art instalations that reacted to you in different ways.

One was the exquisiteclock project that displayed user generated photos instead of numbers.

And of course if your iphoning there would be an app for that :)

Another cool one was this huge mirror/screen that reflected back people who took the time to stand in front of it. Ridiculously long exposure that meant if you were childish enough (lonely enough) you could ‘hug’ yourself. I am obviously neither of the above…

And finally the one piece that got my digi juices flowing was a big screen seperated into 4×4 boxes that played back 3 second loops of people who stood infront of the instalation… Giving a funny patch work of people surprised at being filmed.
(couldn’t get a photo though cause iPhones are shite in the dark)

What was really cool about the whole thing was watching people interacting with all the different exhibits and seeing them let loose for a bit and contributing to everything, bringing their own creativity to influence the pieces.