Fritz Kalkbrenner – SlothBoogie Interview

Tell us about your new album Here Today Gone Tomorrow… How does it feel to have your own album out on SUOL?

It feels good, very very good. After more than a year of producing, writing, mixing and all the typical hassle of an album production, it feels like a relief to me.
On the other hand it’s kinda strange, because with the date of the release I “lost control” over my “baby”.
My two good friends Chopstick & Johnjon run the Label. They’re doing all the work behind the scenes…

Why did you call the album Here Today Gone Tomorrow?
There is this track called “here today gone tomorrow ” on an old Ohio Player album that i always loved.
The name appeard to me as a good description of artist life in general. Where am I today? Where will I be tomorrow.
Dealing with impermanence and momentariness are the essential questions in art to me.

If you had to pick… what’s your favourite track/which is the most special to you?
All the the tracks on the album are special to me and it is really tough to point one out. I would say “Wichita Lineman”, because the combination of my production and the guitar work of my buddy Justin Lepany is still magical to me.

Lets talk about your voice… Were you born with that voice or are there things you do to it when you record it?

Hmm? I just sing. So I guess I was born with that voice, but I discovered that ability when I was 17 or 18. I didn’t had the courage to take it outside of my bathroom for quite a while.
It is a very intimate thing, where you give people a glimpse of your feelings, and it takes confidence to do it. But flip around your question: I don’t use any big addition or tricks to make my voice finally sound the way it does on the record.

Would you ever consider making lullabies or making a Valentines Day love song album… because we would definitely buy it! ;)

Never say never, but I don’t feel that at the moment. :)

We love the vocal additions to Wingman… what made you add them to turn that track into ‘Facing The Sun’?
Last year, when I produced “Wingman”, I had that Idea in mind of adding vocals to the track, but I hadn’t anything written yet.
So I decided to release it the way it was and return to writing a song on that later.

Were you happy that Vito from Aeroplane stuck Facing The Sun into his latest monthly mix?
Definately! I always appreciate when somebody is including one of my tracks in their mix.

He’s typically associated with music that leans towards that disco sound… We are big fans of Disco at SlothBoogie… what do you think of the whole disco revival?

I have a long musical background, so from that point of view I think that this a good thing. But revivals proceed like sign-shaped waves. I prefer to be aware of the variety of all types of dance music the whole time.

We read that you used to be quite into hiphop? Do you still like it?

Yeah! I’m still on it, but mostly dig stuff like J. Dilla, Show & A.G., Little Brother.

What other music do you listen to?
All kinds of stuff. Nick Drake, Wu-Tang,George Frideric Handel, Sigur Ros and Junip for example.

What do you think of Kanye West? Have you seen his film? He’s got a twitter account, why havent you?

Kanye West is a great producer. But to me he did a few misinterpretations, when he tried to put his style into a new direction. I recently heard a cut from his new album. That was dope and I hope he is back on the track.
To that twitter thing: I know nowadays it is almost obligatory to be all around in the social media. But i don’t have the urge to tell the people every six minutes the color of my socks.

Would you like to go into films at all?
Never say never, but currently I have a full time job being a musician.

We’ve seen you’re getting ready for a big German tour, are you going to come to the UK sometime with the SUOL family?

We’re planning a show in London Dezember the 10th with the whole SUOLIAN crew including me. So have your eyes and ears open for location, etc. (Flyer at the bottom)

What can we expect from you and the SUOL family going into next year?
SUOL is a longplayer oriented label so basically you can expect albums from Trickski, Chopstick & Johnjon, Zander VT and Till von Sein. That all accompanied by some nice 12″ for the floor… I will step in right there and release one or two more singles from my album with some new versions and remixes.

Finally what’s your favourite SUOL release from friends on the label and can you tell us what your biggest song in the world right now is (not on SUOL)?

The new EP of my namesake Fritz Zander is really outstanding and my current favourite. When it comes to all time top, there is Bob Dylan “It’s allright Ma, I’m only bleeding” and Don Mclean “Starry, Starry Night”.

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer these questions Fritz, we’re big fans!

Thanks for “having me”…

Fritz Kalkbrenner – Here Today Gone Tomorrow is Out Now!
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