SlothBoogie Festive Guestmix : The C90s


First of all let me say something… Happy Christmas!!!
Yes it is indeed Christmas and the birth of baby Jesus lets us all enjoy lots and lots of food, some presents we like and lots of presents that we dont like… So to celebrate lets have a festive SlothBoogie Guestmix curtesy of the C90s’ Danny who I have been geeking it up with thanks to our shared love of Call Of Duty : Black Ops.
(We’re putting together a crack team of disco killers if anyone is up for it… just tweet me or danny and we can wage some war together like some online funk¬†assassins…)

On another note this will be the last post/guestmix for a while as I’m in Paris tasting fine wines/cheeses for a week and then raving it up for NYE.

Awww come on now, don’t cry!

The guestmix series will continue early next year with mixes to come from Midnight Savari, Marcus Marr, and of course another legend in the game Dimitri From Paris

So lets get things going with this guestmix so you can get back to your sprouts… Listen up to the pretty incredible intro track! :)

If you don’t have it already make sure you go get the C90s – Shine A Light EP as its quite fantastic!!/danny_c90s!/TheC90s