SlothBoogie Guestmix #009 – Dimitri From Paris (with jingles!)


Dimitri From Paris is undisputedly one of the greatest in the disco game ever. He’s been making edits and remixes of the highest quality before I was even born!

“Back then I had to play with the club’s music library (I was only allowed a few personal records) And I could only go to buy new records with the club’s boss, and it was him saying yes or no, checkbook in hand (needless to say he was by no means a music expert). It is after this first experience, I decided to concentrate on remixing, luckily DJing evolved in a more artistic way, I hope it goes back to a little be more creative soon as it feels like the “industry” is back to square one lately…” – Dimitri From Paris

I discovered Dimitri From Paris personally when I was at school and I borrowed a friend’s copy of A Night At The Playboy Mansion. That mix CD pretty much galvanized my love for disco and house for years to come! His work has been stellar every step of the way and last year Dimitri put out another 2 amazing compilations : Get Down With The Philly Sound and the Chic Boxset. Both compilations included the original releases from the artists and then separate DFP remix gold!

Next up on the DFP release schedule is the 6th instalment of the offical playboy Mansion series, a double CD with another Playboy compiler, Bob Sinclar, who will be getting back to his Disco basics. Dimitri’s input will explore a more contemporary side of Disco with a little vintage House thrown in for good measure!
Dimitri said the project was inspired by The Persuaders opening… SUAVE!
Check out the Knights of the Playboy Mansion: Teaser Video

I cannot say how happy I am with featuring DFP in our mix series and this is a sign of what we are aiming to achieve with the series.
So here it is ladies and gents SlothBoogie Guestmix #009 – Dimitri From Paris with extra brand new jingles!

SlothBoogie Guestmix #009 – Dimitri From Paris by Slothboogie on Mixcloud


Allan Sorrenti – Figli Delle Stelle
Bottin – Sage Oil (Lio- Sage Comme Une Image Re-Edit)
Sandy Kerr – Thug Rock (M&M Chimental Mix)
Wonky Dynamo – Never Loved (Original)
The KDMS (Kathy Diamond+Maximilian Skiba) – High Wire D-Pulse dub + vocal remix
Change – Hold Tight (BlackJoy Re-Edit)
France Joli – Gonna Get Over You (Original François K inst + voc)
Max Essa – One Hundred Times (Original)
DFP & DJ Rocca Present Erodiscotique – I Love New York (out on Gomma Apr 15 2011)
Ice T – New Jack Hustler (David Morales Sax Mix)
Superpaolo-Time To Shine(LP version)
Krystol – After The Dance (Inner West Soul Re-Edit – extra DFP slicing up)
Johnny Dynell – Rhythm Of Life (Larry Levan Remix – DFP Re-Edit)
DFP Presents Electra 80 – Rock This Town (DFP is Night Dubbin’)
Pino Daniele-Keep On Moving (DFP Re-Edit)