Forgive Me Lord For I Have Synth with Mighty Mouse + Moustache Mamas 17/06/11

Praise the Lord!

Forgive Me Lord For I Have Synth is now switching over to Shoreditch’s ‘oh so trendy’ Queen of Hoxton! After a biblically long stint at the Horse and Groom we’ve been commanded to bring our blasphemous fun and frolicks over the street and into the darkness of the basement.

To welcome us into our new religious settlement on Friday 17th June we’ll be bringing Mighty Mouse who have been taking over the world this past year one remix at a time.
Here’s a little rundown of who they’ve officially remixed:
Gorillaz, Robbie Williams, Fenech Soler, Ali Love, Detachments, Deadstock 33… we could go on but we won’t…
Safe to say its worth catching these guys soon as they are tipped for greatness.

We also welcome the stunning frauleins that play under the moniker Moustache Mamas!
Playing across Disco, Nu-Disco, House, Yacht Rock and Classic Rock we knew these cheeky hotties would be worshiped as soon as they set foot in our church.

Our final guests are none other than The Men Who Fell 2 Earth… This duo have been smashing out their brand of fun time vibes at East Bloc to packed out crowds for the past year.

Local heros and Forgive Me Lord residents SlothBoogie and ThatJohnTalbot will be on hand to make sure that all your prayers are answered.

Amen to that!


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