Eau Rouge – Albert Park Mix

The sun is packing big heat here in the UK so the more sunny vibe mixes the better in my opinion. Here is a prime example of sun drenched listening from Eau Rouge… who commonly go by their DJ names of KMG and Debonair. They push their ploddy good times at their Tapped night in London… their next one will be with Cottam on 20th April.

∆ Cole Medina – Love You Inside Out (The Pinches Mix)
∆ No Requests/Matthew Kyle – Jonesin’ For You
∆ The Chemical Brothers – The Boxer (DFA remix)
∆ LCD Soundsystem – Freak Out
∆ DJ Raw Sugar – What If We Make It
∆ Spectral Empire – Innerfearence (Chateau Flight remix)
∆ Typesun – Last Home
∆ Cisco Cisco – If You Want Me (Jay Shepheard remix)
∆ Pop & Eye – Blow Me Down (Sade edit)
∆ Russian Adults – Stolen Ideas for Better Future
∆ Charlotte Gainsbourg – Paradisco (Joakims Paradisco Garage Dub)
∆ Nufrequency – Fallen Hero ft Ben Onono (MCDE remix)
∆ Bicep – Love Comedown
∆ Alphabet City – Back to the City