We are big fans of the berlin based Klasse Recordings here at Slothboogie HQ, we’ve been all over the forthcoming Jordan Peak EP as you can clearly see here and are always excited to see what they have to unveil next.

Always pushing the boundaries of their unique house sound with the upmost ease, it’s time to call to arms Luca Lozano, the label head honcho with a penchant for baselines and bicycles. He returns to Klasse with his B.O.N.E.S EP, his first outing since his mammoth Thug It Out EP from last year. Here, Lozano lays down three tracks of the good stuff. Each track is drenches in his unique trademark style, thugging basslines, warm pads, and irresistible grooves. In my opinion the pick of the bunch is the superbly named “Fakie Snot Bubble”, this no frills dance floor monster is raw, stripped back house at its best. Straight up my proverbial street.

With news of a debut album circulating, now is an exciting time for Lozano and his respected Klasse imprint. I expect big things from him in the future so for now, go show him some love on his Facebook.