Not that tonight’s extravaganza at Corsica Studios needs anymore hyping but Medlar has done a sweet promo mix for the occasion. Wolf Music team in room 2… creme de la creme in room 1… its gonna be ridiculous. seriously ridiculous.

1. Metro Area – Let’s Get (Environ)
2. One Way – Can I (MCA)
3. DMX Krew – Mustard Parasol (forthcoming Wavey Tones)
4. Chicago Damn – If I Could (Wolf Music)
5. Gerry Read – 90s Prostitution Racket
6. Vakula – Arrakis (Leleka)
7. KRL – Static (Wolf Music)
8. Okain – O’Clock (Gerd’s Deep Mix) (forthcoming Tsuba)
9. Greymatter – TIEF (Wolf Music)
10. Francis Inferno Orchestra – Father Figures (forthcoming Voyeurhythm)
11. Steven Wobblejay – Groove Your World (Medlar Remix) (forthcoming City Fly)
12. Mone – We Can Make It (Strictly Rhythm)
13. Soho – Hot Music (Kool Groove)
14. Alex Agore – Don’t Stop (forthcoming Animal Tune)
15. Session Victim – Zoinks (forthcoming Delusions of Grandeur)
16. TEED – Tapes And Money (Casino Times Remix) (forthcoming Nice Age/Polydor)
17. Behling, Simpson & James Fox – Work That Body (forthcoming Futureboogie)
18. Huerco S – Bypass (Wicked Bass)
19. ???
20. Chic – I Want Your Love (Todd Terje edit)

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