Review: Urbanears Zinken DJ Headphones

Urbanears Zinken Tomato

Urbanears have brought out a brand new range of headphones aimed at the casual DJ market. As with all Urbanears headphones they come in a dizzying array of colours to mix and match with whatever fashion statement you feel like making that day.
They are retailing for £120 and available direct from the Urbanears website.

Now the first thing you notice when you get the headphones through is the immaculate design aesthetics the company have gone for. Every component has been thought about long and hard. Even the packaging has been designed to fill you with awe and amasement. If you know that feeling of opening a brand new Apple product its very much the same vibes here… This is no ordinary box, its a cardboard display unit to stun the buyer with what they have purchased and no doubt take a photo of it being opened to boast about having just bought them…
(Guilty!… see below…)

Clearly design runs through the whole project and they do look and feel amazing. They have a tactile matt finish. The cushioned foam pads make them soooo comfortable to wear and they are made from non absorbent materials that will hopefully keep your DJ stench out of them for as long as possible. There’s a little microphone and button to press for answering calls on smart phones. There’s even a spare headphone socket for a mate to plug into to listen to your obviously amazing tracks in tandem.
The best detail though is the specially designed “turncable” lead. At one end you have a normal 3.5mm jack for iphones and computers etc… then on the other end they have the 6.3mm jack for DJ sessions. Each of those separate ends then plug into the headphones on different sides of the ear cups allowing you to use the same pair for general use or for playing out a load of 320 bang0rz down your local rave pit. No need for an annoying adaptor that you will invariably lose!

So we can see they look good but what do they sound like? If you read this blog regularly you’ll know we enjoy the lovely bassey type of house and for general out and about use these headphones are a bit lacking in the lower end of the scale. I found my sub bass and general drops a bit ‘meh’ in these. My general day to day pair have been some Beats by Dre Solo’s for a while now… (Don’t call me a cunt just yet though as I got these on the downlo from a mate a while back and who the fuck says no to a pair of really expensive headphones!?) Anyways the Beats have a much better lower end response in my opinion and so was a bit dissapointed with these much better looking and more comfortable Urbanears Zinken as I was hoping to do a straight swap but Im not sure I will.

Hold on… these Zinkens are designed for aspiring club DJs too though! The focus on the top end sound does make it easier to mix tracks in a bass heavy environment. Here they do well as they cut out ambient noise relatively well and make for a nice change from seeing everyone in their bland HD25s. I also like that they are compact compared with a lot of the other DJ only headphones out there. The cups move in all the right places and dont feel restrictive while those comfy pads mean they good to go for hours on end.

All in all I think it boils down to the fact that DJ headphones and your normal pair of everyday use headphones are always going to be a very different kettle of fish. These Zinkens do a very good job at trying to bridge the gap and cut down on having 2 pairs but ultimately will always find it hard to nail down every aspect of either headphone category from an audio nutjobs point of view… (If there’s any serious audionut jobs reading this please don’t send me hate mail or death threats for my lack of in depth nerdage and audio frequency blurb…)

Basicly if you want to have some good looking headphones that not everyone else is using (yet) and dont massively care about pristine bass drops whilst being an occasional DJing superstar then these are the option for you!

4/5 Sloths

Zinken: Press Play from Urbanears on Vimeo.