Young Adults – House Slippers Compilation


Having released 12’s from personal favourite Suzanne Kraft and a sampler EP that gave us heat from both the US and abroad, 2013 finds the House and Disco hub of Young Adults digging deeper to keep speakers bumping and dance floors steamy with a hot new compilation.

House Slippers is an exploration of the night – sultry whispers, percolating elixirs, coos, croons, red lights, black lights, and strobe lights – all situated in downstairs speakeasies, lofted warehouses and hazy afterhours. The compilation soundtracks the progression from dusk till dawn, complete with warm up burners, peak time jammers and comedown chuggers.

We can’t wait to grab a piece of that on April 23rd! Until then here’s a like minded mix the guys have put together below…

01. The Socialites feat. Tesla Boy – Only This Moment (Sasha Anastasov Remix)
02. Closed Paradise – The Daulphin
03. Suzanne Kraft – Maybe Snakes (Permanent Vacation Remix)
04. Chamboche – Into The Murk
05. Mark E – Fake Bitches
06. NYCPARTYINFO – Mr. Everything
07. Ben La Desh – Le Us Down
08. Grown Folk – Just Wear It