The Sunday Chill : Hiatus – We Can Be Ghosts Now (feat. Shura) (Official Video)


For this instalment of The Sunday Chill we welcome back the super talented producer Hiatus with his track We Can Be Ghosts Now featuring the lovely vocals of Shura. We first featured Hiatus when we heard his dreamy album Ghost Notes almost 2-3 years ago now. Since then he’s been up to various projects but he will be back this summer with a brand new album called Parklands on May 13th. The album features Shura lots more times and its a bit of a dream collaboration between the two. Parklands is a great collection of super blissful mellow electronica that will go down a treat with that raging hangover your suffering from right now. Make sure you grab it on release day and watch out for more from this London based producer in the future… He’s my go to chill out guy!