Will Saul Presents CLOSE Feat. Charlene Soraia & Scuba – ‘Beam Me Up’


Beam Me Up is the 1st single to be taken from Will Saul‘s CLOSE project. The album called ‘Getting Closer’ will be out around June but this little melodic number will be out April 22nd.

“The tracks are steeped in the dance music I love, but have been written with an attention to detail and melody that hopefully captivates the listener beyond the dancefloor. I wrote the album with the ideal that it would be listened to as a whole piece from start to end. As a result I wanted to touch on all the different tempos and styles I love to give it a real range of mood, yet underpin it all with a feeling of ‘future soul’. I’ve always been captivated and inspired by the music of Detroit – the machine driven funk of motor city techno combined with the introspective, melancholic soul of Motown is, for me, a combination that continually proves irresistible. Hopefully some of this long-term love-affair seeps into the album.”

Beam Me Up features the vocals of Charlene Soraia and production assistance from Berlin based producer Scuba.

Listening to the single you can tell that this is exactly how Saul thinks pop music should sound and we’re pretty into his vision here!