Thank God for Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington!

The duo, known as Darkside (or in this case, DaftSide) have done a complete re-edit of Random Access Memories which, to some, was a bit of a let down. There’s no doubt the album was a grower, but for many, it lacked that killer, forward thinking element. Cue DaftSide.

‘Get Lucky’ has been transformed into a psychedelic electronica track reminiscent of what you would hear at 7am in a mucky tent in Glasto. ‘The Game of Love’ and ‘Giorgio by Moroder’ edit are definitely my favourites though. ‘Giorgio by Moroder’ introduces some old school techno sounds to those floaty string samples, whilst ‘The Game of Love’ somehow manages to sound more disco than the original.

The whole project is crisp, innovative, and truly brings us the ‘sound of the future’ we were hoping for. We bring you FUTURE DISCO.

By Danny Ingham


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  1. joaolabbe says:

    Not!. DP may be to commercial now but this is not even squared to rhythm . Always easier to elaborate with something already made. Also Try selling this.

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