SlothBoogie Guestmix #32 & Interview with Local Talk’s Mad Mats


We’ve been going on about Local Talk and¬†everything¬†they do for a while now and its high time we got one of the team in for a lovely fireside chat with our resident interviewer extraordinaire KMG. Mad Mats had a quick back and forth before boarding a flight for yet another gig… Be sure to check out the exclusive guestmix from Mad Mats at the bottom of the post.

1) What gets you up the morning Mats?

At this time of year in Stockholm its definitely the early morning sun!

2) … and your ideal breakfast?

Oatmeal, fruit smoothie/juice and coffee of course.

3) You’ve evolved from a history of break dancing and hip-hop in the 80’s and 90’s…. what was it about house music that initially captured your imagination?

Well, I got into house without really knowing I was listening to house. I remember buying the first Blaze album on Motown but just seeing it as an soul/r&b album on the uptempo tip. I later understood I was listening to house music and started to dig deeper and found Mr Fingers, CeCe Rogers etc. Later after my first trip to NYC and a visit to The Sound Factory Bar I was hooked for life!

4) When I asked John Da Silva how Stockholm compared to the uk scene, he made the point that although the Stockholm scene was small the studio sessions were burgeoning… long nights and lots of snow owing to the staying in! David Byrne has also highlighted the importance of context in shaping music… in your opinion what do you think has sparked the amount of great house music emanating from Sweden right now?

Take away away our 3 summer months and its pitch black, arctic cold and fuck all to do except work and hit the nightlife…of course that will inspire people to make house music. With only 9 million people in Sweden I really think we got a good thing going on even though its a little too much techno over here. I’m a soul boy at heart so I prefer my house or techno with touch soul.

5) Are there any young producers we should be keeping an eye out for in the coming months?

HNNY is already set to blow up big time but other producers like Claes Rosen and Henry Rodrick are people to look out for. Both have some excellent stuff out or coming up on Local Talk as well.

6) You’re currently running 3 labels; Local talk, Basic Fingers and Raw Fusion… each with a slightly different slant. Is this a conscious decision to explore different avenues, or purely out of coincidence that you have 3 labels?

Well, its actually more than 3 labels. Among many small “projects” I’ve been running this edit label since 2002 that got over 100 releases in its back catalogue…but I can’t really go deeper on that one…it’s a hush hush thing! Raw Fusion is still available online but we stopped putting out new releases at the moment as Local Talk and Basic Fingers take so much time. But I would not say it was something I planned, it just turned out this way ;)

7) Can you tell us little about what we can expect on the labels this year?

Local Talk will be as busy as ever with with loads of new releases both on the original Local Talk brand and our sub lables OneOffs and 1nce Again. Expect music from Art Of Tones, S3A, Moodymanc, Purple Velvet, Anaxander, Crackazat, Tony Blitz (from C.R.S.T), remix EPs on Kyodai (Basic Soul Unit, Ian Pooley, Roberto Rodriguez), 2 new OneOff releases and a double release on 1nce Again on this old DJ Duke classic (dooope!!!). We’re also starting up a brand new label on a more electronic house tip…but this one will be flying in under the radar with no connection to Local Talk. Will be cool if the buyers can guess who is behind it? Either way we got some really solid stuff ready to drop there after the summer…watch this space! Basic Fingers also got some new stuff as well. Expect killer remixes and edits from our good friend Kon of course…this guy is on a roll at the moment!

8) As a man of many talents, you’ve also been a keen promoter in Stockholm over the years…. in your opinion which has had a more detrimental effect on clubbing culture…. the smoking ban, or the advent of the digital camera?

In my opinion its neither even though its not a cool look when you see 15 twats in the front not dancing and just shooting off with their Iphones. In my opinion the most detrimental effect was when it became trendy to become a DJ. This resulted in thousands and thousands of wannabee’s that are in it for the fame and status and not the music or culture. In Stockholm we’re in a situation where we have some of the best DJs in the world (no joke) but they still don’t get booked. Instead we have these bloggers and fashion people who dunno shit about the history, shit about the music and certainly can’t DJ. They are booked purely because of their status as a hip or trendy VIP person that pulls the trendy crowd…sad! But over the last year or so the influence of the healthy Berlin club scene have shown a change in attitude. Its slowly beginning to be cool with music nerds and real DJs again haha :).

9)… time for a tough question…. Frankie Knuckles or Larry Levan?

Ouch…don’t put me in this spot…I can’t choose…really! Both have been big inspirations of course. But if I have to choose I would probably say Larry…simply cus’ of the cool mystery around him ha ha.

10) Alongside Tooli you’ve helped create thriving house Label, Local Talk…. how did your partnership come about? and why call it Local Talk?

Tooli used to run a higly successful blog and club called 24:HRS here in Stockholm. After I slowed down with Raw Fusion I wanted to start a new label that was not as diverse as Raw Fusion (too many styles) and easier to brand. I booked Tooli to my monthly Raw Fusion party and after this I asked him if he was interested i starting up a house label with me. Luckily he said yes! The name was Tooli’s idea and originally meant that we were talking local music from Stockholm. But this reference fast went out the window as our first release was from some Spanish cats ha ha (Bassfort aka Kyodai and Nacho Velasco). We’re pretty not local to be honest ;)

11) As we know, you’re a DJ, Label boss, and Promoter… do you harbour any ambitions to put out music of your own? or are there simply not enough hours in the day?

I used to produce hip hop in the late 80s and early/mid 90s with two groups called Boogaloo and 3 Pieces Of A Puzzle. The Boogaloo album was big smash over in Japan on the jazzy hip hop scene. I’ve also done some edits but to be honest, I’m DJs DJ and will probably always be much better at standing behind the decks than an MPC. Secondly there is the time factor. As a daddy who coach football 3 times a week there’s simply not enough time to produce music as well.

12) and finally, can we expect to find you spinning in London again any time soon?

We might be over in London with the whole Local Talk crew in September for the Saint’s Don’t Sleep party at Brixton Jamm. But its not 100% confirmed as of yet. But I’m sure we’ll be over soon again. The ReviveHER party last week was really good and the same guys wants us over again…maybe even for a NYE party!

Check out the amazing mix from Mad Mats below…