Review: Technics / Panasonic RP-DH1250-S Headphones


The good people at Technics / Panasonic sent us some headphones to take with us to Ibiza and test out on the road so here’s a little run down of these long running DJ favourites : The affectionatily named RP-DH1250


So first things first when you get them out the box they aren’t as lovingly cuddled with bespoke foam and lots of niftily designed packaging like some of the new ones we’ve been sent. This isn’t a huge point at all but if you’ve just shelled out over £100 you’d want your new headphones to sing and dance out the box for you!

Immediately when you start handling these mammoth pair of headphones you know that these are built with the hardworking travelling DJ in mind. They are big, comfortable, and come with nice little extras such as a carrying bag and a gold plug adaptor. They have 2 interchangeable cords… 1 waxy coiled cord for DJ use and 1 slimmer cord with an iPod controller built in.
They’ve got a nice padded headband and headphone cups that bend and twist in a crazy amount of directions much like a rubix cube. All in all the parts and connections feel sturdy and seem like they are built to last a long time.


Sound quality wise you can’t fault them at all… deep and rich basslines with nice tight treble sounds running together smoothly. There’s not much chance of these big boys distorting in a noisey club and they feel like they can be pushed louder and louder with no trouble. (Even if the DJ before in a B2B scenario has them on full whack cause he’s deaf or has ear plugs in!?)

Overall I’d say that these are a little bit too shinny and slightly too cumbersome for me, even for my chunky head. I like really well thought out and attractive design and these Technics fall slightly short in that department. They are still holding on to that old school vinyl heritage with the look and feel of them.

If you are looking for some headphones solely intended for DJ use then these would be a great pick and you’d struggle to find many better in the same category and price range but if you’re walking around outside of a club environment with these on you’re going to look a bit of place.

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