Benny & Gain Presents… EP [Free Download]

Benny & Gain Present...

London-based disco duo Benny & Gain sent us their new compilation EP ‘Benny & Gain Presents…’, the follow up to the ‘Suave SoirĂ©e Edits’ from earlier this year.

In this episode the guys brought along a handful of their favourite artists in the re-edit business with an overall aim of showcasing tracks with contrasting styles.

Edit Murphy provides his distinctive laidback groove with ‘Love Again’, fellow Tapped homeboy Debonair takes a deeper approach on his efforts in ‘Is This For Real’ before the pace is picked up with ‘Tokyo Beach’ from Canadian resident Basement Love leaving B&G to round things up with their very own ‘Amor’.

Oh and did we mention that its all being given away as free downloads? Yezzir… stop reading and get your chug on!