Talc Magazine: Erotica x Design

Calling themselves a design mag for modern times, Talc have fused erotica and design into a new print mag that officially launched last night at the London Edition Hotel. The project was able to go to print at the beginning of the month thanks to hitting their funding targets on Kick Starter and is now available to buy from their website.



It’s a new approach to adult publishing that knows where it came from without being retrospective. Remember the time when magazines like Playboy and Lui managed to feature beautiful women, while also having a strong, honest editorial point of view? Well, we think there isn’t really anything like that on the shelves today, and we’d like TALC to fill that spot.

TALC celebrates design-thinking and creativity in all its shapes, forms, and colours. From post-modern furniture, to Rolex watches and interviews with iconic design philosophers and photographers, we see TALC as a promoter of the people we work with and an invitation for those we want to work with. We believe TALC, as a magazine and a platform, has unlimited potential to collaborate with writers, photographers, illustrators, and anyone who shares our same appreciation for beautiful, interesting, and relevant ideas.

Have a look at the original fund raising video below and read an interview with TALC’s editor-in-chief Edward Vince over on Frank 151.