Antoine Corbineau’s Map of Paris


Designer Antoine Corbineau has come up with a wonderfully colourful vision of the French capital. Forget boring detailed accuracy though as streets slice away from each other in a net of white against buildings portrayed in bold greens, pinks, yellows, and reds.

To create the map, Corbineau first hand-sketched his vision of the city on paper, then scanned it and added the neon colours using a computer. “The choice of places, monuments, and details was rather spontaneous,” Corbineau tells Co.Design. “I had no intention of being exhaustive. I wanted to show a fresh and free view of Paris.”
Based in Nantes however Corbineau said that he knew Paris well enough from memory to complete the project in just under 2 weeks.

He plans on designing similar maps of other cities, including New York and Tokyo.
You can grab 100 cm x 70 cm prints for €50 from his webshop.

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