Review: Sonos Play:1 Wireless Speakers

I think these Sonos Play:1 wireless speakers might just be the coolest things I’ve ever reviewed on the site so far! As soon as I saw these I knew I had to get a pair and fiddle with them until I got tired or went deaf.

Lets start at the beginning though… Wireless connectivity with speakers has always been a distant dream but then the world started owning an iPod/iPhone and subsequently an iPod/iPhone dock but there was always an obvious annoying problem in that you had to leave your iPod/iPhone cradled in your speaker. Well now things are changing and these last few months I’ve seen an endless horde of new wireless speaker systems hitting the market.

These Sonos Play: 1 speakers are the first ones I’ve tinkered with and I was absolutely blown away by the quality and power of sound from these sleek little rounded cubes.
(I played with the Jambox travel wireless speakers by Jawbone – read that review here)
I received a pair of speakers along with a Sonos Bridge and placed each one in different areas of the house.
The speakers themselves are about 12cms wide and 16cms high and come in black and white versions. The black ones are much sexier in my opinion! Setting them up and connecting to the app for Mac or iPhone was easy enough and I had some crisp tracks rich in bass and clean highs playing in no time.



The way the speakers work is by finding content on your computer or iPhone. Take your iTunes for example, you have to run it through the app. It takes a while on first set up for it to archive everything you’ve got and file it all away for you to pick and chose from either your computer or your iphone while you’re going about your business in your house.
If you are into streaming services then they’ve got you covered as well as you can hook up your Spotify or Napster accounts and just stream all your playlists or anything else you can find on there.

There’s lots of amazing features and well thought out design points… The speakers are humidity resistant so you can put a pair in the bathroom to properly get woken up in the morning. You can pair up these speakers with other Sonos products to build the ultimate surround sound system and generally create an amazing pad with music in every single room! You can pair a couple to create stereo sound… There’s controls on the individual speakers so you can skip a track if you don’t have your phone on you… For the full list of everything thats possible check the Sonos Play:1 website.

Right so its all amazing so far right… amazing sound and easy connection but there is still a pretty big sticking point… for me anyways. What if I don’t want to use the app to play some music? As you may know by now I do a lot of blogging and I need to be able to stream stuff off webpages, Soundcloud and YouTube constantly and as it stands this isn’t possible which is a bit of a downer.

The emerging ways people consume music aren’t being catered for fully just yet. Even with Spotify, Napster and a tonne of other services being integrated all the time you still have to run everything through the Sonos app which is unlikely to ever be as good as the original software for your service of choice… For example with Spotify its best if you continue to use the original app and make your playlists from there. In the Sonos app the Browse function isn’t available and you only get ‘New Releases’ and ‘Top Tracks’ which is usually filled with crap that people should really be avoiding.

The Sonos app itself could be a bit sexier too… it reminds us of an old blue iTunes. It does mean its easy to use I suppose but as the speakers are pretty nicely designed I’d like to see them complimented by an equally good looking app.

So overall if you own all your music in a nice convenient place such as iTunes or you know exactly what you want to put on via your streaming service of choice then you’re golden with these speakers… They sound incredible and I recommend getting a pair if you can afford the £169 price tag. (That’s each :/ , Go on its nearly Christmas…)

Sonos speakers have just introduced Shuffler.FM to their supported services which means with any luck you’ll be able to listen to SlothBoogie’s catalogue of blogged tracks at the touch of a button! Now if that’s not worth buying some for I don’t know what is?!

Buy a pair of Sonos Play:1 speakers with a free Bridge