7 Questions for mono_cult’s 7th Birthday

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For those that haven’t been before, mono_cult is the Leeds brand championing vintage disco cuts and stripped back house, and have commanded a ruthlessly loyal following over the years. As part of their 7th birthday celebrations on 17th April at the Dance Tunnel in Dalston, we interviewed founders Matt Long and Brad Mercer, chatting about the last 7 years, their highlights, and what they have coming up.

7 years in the business is a long time, but how did the first party come about?

We started mono cult back in 2007, there was 5 of us originally and we were all mutual friends from Ibiza and going out in Leeds. None of us really had any experience of running parties but we all had the same interest in music 
and thought together we could pull off a party. At the time there were no Sunday daytime events in Leeds but the weekends were dominated by Asylum, Technique  Dirty Disco and Basics, so we fitted well into the scene then. We fell lucky landing on some really sunny afternoons when we launched which gave us a real help for those special alfresco afternoons which we all remember from The Lounge days!
When we started mono_cult we didn’t have any long term goals it was just a party, well it still is just a party but its developed a lot over the years, moving around to several locations in Leeds and always pushing artists and sounds I have been passionate about. I’ve always had an eye to try and find some new and interesting spots and really buzz of the parties we did at Holbeck Underground, The Lounge, Full Circle and most recently The Iron Mill.
When i look back at our first parties im still unsure how we managed to pull them off and get through it especially with all the planning and prep that goes into our parties these days so really happy to still be pushing the mono_cult parties forward.

What are your top 7 moments of the last 7 years with mono_cult so far?

Hard to pick as there has been so many but these stand out for me
1. The original days at The Lounge, not having a clue how to run or promote parties but somehow managing to get 800 people on to the terrace, ill never forgot those days!
2. Everytime Move D has played for us!
3. All our NYD parties have been amazing, each one we’ve tried to develop in a different way and they are some of my proudest and most favourable parties.
4. Losing record bags, always memorable moments them!!!
5 Getting the opportunity to host the Redbox at Space for We Love Sundays ands having all our Leeds crew over in Ibiza for it.
6. Finally getting Dixon to play all night last October, what a party that was!
7. Last years Hideout boat party was amazing, hearing the whole boat singing along to Depeche Mode as the sun goes down was a really special moment.

Alex Boman played your 5th birthday as well – what is it about him that you love so much?
Apart for our love for us his music and djing style, Axel is a real party head. When we booked him for the 5th birthday we had heard stories he likes a party but he really upped his game for us. After the main party at The Faversham we headed to The Garage where we held an after party, it was one of the first times the venue had been used and the place was packed, Axel played pretty much the whole party till we got kicked out! I can still remember him finishing on Pepe Bradock – Path of Most residence as the open the riller shutters on to let the sun in.

Really looking forward to bringing him back to play for in London and hope he’s ready for another party, its been far to long overdue.

The Dance Tunnel in Dalston has been your London home for the past year  – how does this intimate space compare with your huge multi-room Canal Mills parties in Leeds?  

 I love Dance Tunnel, its such a perfect setting for a party with just a DJ booth, smoke machine, red light and a tunnel dance floor. The vibe in there is great and crowd seem to be more open for us to play different styles. Its also great to see a lot of old and original mono_cult crowd coming down to these parties.
We still like to move around venues in Leeds to host our bigger parties at Canal Mills and more intimate ones at FullCircle and Wire, each party brings something different which i feel keeps mono_cult going…

What else is in the pipeline for you guys this year?

In June we will be returning to Barcelona to host another Off Sonar party with electric minds, this year we have teamed up with Feel My Bicep to bring a killer three room line up at Razzmatazz. We’ll be in Croatia representing at Hideout and Unknown again and have some big plans for Leeds at the end of year as well as continuing our residency at Dance Tunnel in London.

Finally, to those that haven’t been before, what 3 tracks capture the sound of mono_cult?

So many to chose from but these tend to always be in our bag:
Pepe Bradock – Deep Burnt
Soundstream – Makin Love
Roy Davis Jr Ft Peven Everett – Gabriel

(images courtesy of IGR)

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