Field Day – Our Picks

So with this years London staple ‘Field Day‘ fast approaching (June 7th & 8th) and with all the big acts pretty much released. I thought I’d take a look over the line-up, for both days. On a side note it’s nice to see the brand stretched over both days of the weekend, a la Lovebox, because really who wants to pay fifty quid to see some bearded urban farmers market like previous years anyway.


So onto the Saturday, big guns Metronomy are being wheeled out again, I saw them a few years back and they we’re really fucking good – who’d have thought it, so no complaints there. Sundays headliner of the Pixies is, I suppose, good. I’m not a massive fan so perhaps I’m slightly deflated by it. But you’d probably never get to see such a big act anywhere else other than a major festival so I suppose if it’s your bag go ahead – I just hope the day doesn’t turn into a massive wait until their set starts.

But as ever Field day is about breaking the new, putting them on in inappropriately small stages and stoking the hype, which is what we all know and love. My picks for the weekend are Jagwar Ma, Omar Souleyman, Seun Kuti, Thomas Barfod & Sky Ferreira for all the serious music aficionados.

But, what anyone wants to do after about 6pm on Field Day is spend all their money on pre opened cans of beer (that said there is a promised craft beer ‘band stand’ this year…) and dance around like a twat to really good dance music. Happy in the knowledge we don’t have to go back to a sweaty tent and can have a shower in the morning – even though you’ll smell really weird on the tube. With that mindset I’d suggest the following, Lunice, Dusky, Erol (as ever) Alkan, George Fitzgerald, Jackmaster & Oneman‘s b2b thing. Special mentions goe to Gerd Janson & the Horrors, both of who will be fantastic.


But the 100% must see act of this year is by far and away Mr Todd Terje‘s live show, I don’t care if  you’ve been peddling Inspector Norse for 4 years it will be awesome live and I for one can’t wait to see it.

If you haven’t seen the below it’s what east London looks like at about 3am on the sunday after Field Day closes. See you all about halfway in, on the right.


WHATEVEREST from Kristoffer Borgli on Vimeo.

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Images from the Quietus & The Guardian