Secret Garden Party 2014 Preview

Not really much of a secret these days the Secret Garden Party has just released it’s latest lot of lineup additions to add to the 3 day glitter extravaganza happening near cambridge from July 24th – 27th. Dressed up as a hippy dippy private school bitter fest SGP always manages to impress with it’s dance lineups, punching way above it’s weight. If you can ignore the trust fund glampers it’s really quite a good party. Set in cambridge way away from anywhere it’s a true 24hr party that has more surprise appearances than billed artists.

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 10.32.38

Fat freddy’s drop will be rather special I think, I don’t care what you think about them as a festival band with 10 beers down they will be amazing.



As a previous gardener myself it’s rather easy to ignore the weird stuff that happens at festivals, in particular SGP, when the production of the festival is soo good. Swimming ponds, secret stages, a fucking zoo & awesome landscaping – ‘the drops’ hollowed out rave space is pretty cool, giving a club vibe outside. All add to the feeling the this festival is about more than the music – which is often missed by many festivals these days. No fenced off trees, overt advertising, or heavy handed security is a welcome respite from the modern festival experience – see you in the garden.