An Interview with Denney (VIVa Music)

You recently played a party in a prison – tell us a bit about that?

I did, it was the old prison in Lancaster Castle where they did a series of 3 parties on the bounce over the May bank holiday weekend. I played on the Saturday with James Zabiela which was nuts, inside was as if all that was missing were the prisoners and furniture. You could go in the cells and look in the peepholes in the doors. It was amazing and the guys who put it on did a fantastic job selling it out. God knows how they managed to blag doing a rave in a grade A listed building which is owned by the queens cousin…respect!

Some people associate you with Hot Creations, but 2014 appears to have changed your sound slightly, with flickers of acid house in Strobelight, and a disco/tech-house hybrid with Freek Out. What artists are influencing you at the moment?

To be honest I have been making acid house since day one but also make quite melodic tracks too, such as which was signed to Hot Creations previously. So many artists influence me at the minute, but at the end of last year I felt I had lost my way a bit musically and then I saw Danny Tenaglia and had a bit of an epiphany on the dance floor listening to him and found my groove again, so I guess he is the biggest one presently…Cheers Danny!

It doesn’t get much better than signing with VIVa Music Management, an accolade you recently achieved – do you think this will open even more doors for you?

Yeah it’s been pretty amazing to be honest, when Steve and the team asked me I was incredibly humbled. Doors have already began opening with VIVa Warrior shows and also having a great team I am working with there so I’m really excited about things. The next year is already looking amazing but i can’t say too much just yet…watch this space!

Prince played Leeds the other week. He partied like it’s 1999 – what year would you like to party in and why?

He certainly did and I was lucky to be there to witness his show which I can only describe as incredible! If I could party in any year it would have to be 1988 so I could get fully stuck in to the acid house explosion and the Hacienda.

You’re a resident at infamous club night and Leeds institution, Back To Basics. What are your top 3 funny/inspiring/ridiculous stories you have from there?

Wow this is a hard question to answer and have had to think for a bit on it. There are so many amazing stories, from Basics I have probably forgotten loads but I have whittled it down to these:

1. On the 18th birthday at Stinkys when the club was in full swing and going off, Dave Beer, Buckley, Tom Thorpe (from PBR Streetgang) and myself crowd surfed out the booth the whole length of the club then back to the booth. What made this extra special and daft was we were all in fancy dress and I was dressed as a ten pound note. Each time someone dived out the booth the crowd went nuts…was pure mayhem.

2. I wasn’t there as it was well before my time but there’s the famous story of when Dave went to Paris and him and Dave Clarke (Soma) went into a bar and discovered Daft Punk. They gave them a tape as they loved their music which turned out to be a very rough version of “Homework”. Beero was the first to bring them over to play the UK at Basics and Dave Clarke signed them to Soma first and then hooked up the deal with Virgin who eventually put out Homework…and the rest as they say is history.

3. On the opening night of when Basics moved to Stinkys, Felix Da Housecat was the guest invited to play. In the middle of his set Dave got on the mic and said “£20 to the first naked person in the DJ booth.” Next thing you know there is about 10 naked men and women all raving in the booth. In the process of all this happening Felix had managed to down over a bottle of tequila straight and went a bit diva on everyone accusing them of stealing his coat. It all got a bit heated but turned out he was that pissed he had forgot where he put it and was exactly where he left it. That night from start to finish was insane.

You’re playing a few festivals over the Summer, including Gottwood and Secret Garden Party. Which one are you most looking forward to and why?

I think this would have to be Secret Garden Party purely for the fact I hear this is the English equivalent of Burning Man (which is my favourite place on earth). Also I am playing Saturday night on the Pagoda stage which should be pretty special!

What releases do you have coming up?

I have new music coming out on VIVa, Hot Creations, Saved, Under No illusion and then remixes dropping on Resonance and Sidetrak records. I am just finalising a few more as well so lots of new original material on the way!

Finally, what track sums up your mood right now?

Well as i am writing this, Prince “Controversy” is on in the background, so guess it’s that.