An Interview with Round Table Knights

Round Table Knights are a firm favourite for us sloths. The Swiss duo consistently showcase out-of-the-box jacky tech house, and their seasonal mixes are pretty special, combining their turntablist background with a love of house (see winter 2014 mix here).

RTK recently hooked up with long-time friend Shir Khan for the first time, releasing the Midnight Spark EP on his Exploited label. It gained early support from the likes of Busy P, Audiojack, Noir & Tensnake.

Here’s us chewing the fat with them…

You’re from Bern, one of Switzerland’s largest cities. It ranked among the world’s top ten cities for the best quality of life – so what is it like to go clubbing in the city, and where should we go if we visit?

Bern is small but I have to say really beautiful too. Yes you have a very high quality to life here. During the summer you can swim in the river Aare and this is one of the best things in the world! For clubbing I recommend of course our home “Club Bonsoir”. It’s a great Club for 300 People with amazing drinks too. We play there once a month and invite DJ friends or artists we really like. Deetron and Mercury have nights there too. There is also a great Venue called Reitschule. It’s an alternative place with great concerts/parties but they also have a restaurant, cinema and more… As well there is Kapitel. During the day it is a restaurant/bar and during the night they do parties.
If you get hungry you should go check out Kung Fu Burger. Burgers that kick Ass!

You guys are originally turntablists, and needless to say have an affinity to hip-hop. How did you decide to make the move to your unique jackin’ house style?

That was a natural process. We are always interested in hearing new sounds, and trying out new things. Combining our influences under the roof of house music just felt natural to us.

It was only a matter of time you released on friend Shir Khan’s Exploited label – how did you guys meet, and how did the recent Midnight Spark EP come about?

We met Shir Khan a long long time ago in Berlin. We were playing at the same party and we like the music he played. We invited him since almost day one to Switzerland for parties and this is how the friendship started. It started with a remix a while ago and then the I Just Want EP a year ago and now the Midnight Spark EP.

You’re renowned for being able to read a crowd better than most, and turn up without an idea of what you’re going to play in mind – has this ever backfired?

Our ability to read a crowd is certainly because we’ve been djing for 10 years together almost every weekend. But of course it sometimes backfires. We like to take risks. If you play it safe all the time djing gets boring. It is always about testing how far can you go.

You have said previously that you prefer doing the longer sets, as you get to tell more of a story, and drop in a few unexpected tracks – what are your top 3 favourite risqué tracks you have played in a club and why?

Good question! But I can’t really answer it because a certain track can be a risk at this night and on the other night it’s not a risky track at all. So its really depends on every night.
This is also the reason why we always play freestyle. You never know and it would be so boring to play the same set every night.

What releases do you have coming up?

We’ve got a remix of John Davis & The Monster Orchestra coming out in July on Nervous Records. and we are about to finish a new EP for fall 2014.

If you could sum up your mood in one track right now, what would it be?

Ice Cube: Today was a good day