[INTERVIEW] Berlin’s Watergate Resident, La Fleur


To the “Miami bros” and “Manchester Hoes” hoping to get crunk in Berlin, a malevolent glare is given and a standard “nicht heute Nacht” (not tonight) is uttered. To the masses, it’s all very secretive, but that’s what makes the city exciting. My recent interview with Watergate resident, La Fleur, was equally secretive, and pretty concise, but it’s exciting none the less. Watergate was born in 2000 in the then rundown area of Kreuzberg in Berlin – it pioneered drum and bass nights, and then became the house and techno juggernaught that it is today, along with iconic Berghain.

La Fleur will be performing at Egg London this weekend with Kevin Saunderson & Ripperton, in celebration of her release on Watergate Records. This is what she has to say…

How are you feeling about the upcoming event at Egg London, celebrating the 16th release on Watergate Records with this album?
I’m excited to be back at The Egg to celebrate there, I always enjoy playing in London! And then to be part of such a great line up – I’m looking forward to hearing Kevin Saundersson and Ripperton as well!

How does London compare to Berlin?
It is two very different cities, both having their pros and cons. Something similar is that they both have a great interesting music scene in their own way, and I think they complement each other very well.

You’re following up from Kerri Chandler on the latest compilation mix, How did this come about?
Watergate asked me to do the next Watergate compilation after Kerri and I happily said yes.

Those are big shoes to fill, were you nervous?
The compilation has been done by so many great artists before me and it was of course exciting, frustrating and very satisfying at the same time. It has been with me since November last year and was part of my daily routine for so long, and it was at some point a roller coaster of emotions but in the end it was of course all worth it and I am proud of how the compilation turned out.

You were already popular in your native Stockholm before Watergate got their hands on you – when did you realise you would choose Watergate as your home?
I’ve been based in Berlin since 2007 and playing all over the world since I started in 2004. When Watergate asked me to join their new agency from 2013 it was very good timing and I’m happy to be part of such a great crew!

Can you tell us anything about the surprise party on 17th August?
No because then it wouldn’t be a surprise.. But I can tell you it’s gonna be a great party!

Finally, what are you most looking forward to with Watergate in the next 12 months?
First of all finishing the tour at the end of August and then working on some new, still secret projects, both for Watergate, my own label Power Plant and other labels. I already have some exciting gigs lined up for the next months too so looking forward to exciting times!

Watergate 16 Release Tour
Saturday 26 July 2014
Egg London, N7 9AP
La Fleur, Kevin Saunderson, Ripperton, Lee Jones & Alexander Koning
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