REVIEW: Cocoon on the Terrace @ Studio 338

Eminem once said “nobody listens to techno”, and let’s be honest, he has reason for being a hater. It’s repetitive, has few lyrics, and can at times sound like the inside of Gengis Khan’s nightmares. In the wrong hands, techno can be boring and hellish. Luckily since the late 90s, Cocoon and its founder Sven Vath have nurtured a roster of artists that really know what they’re doing – their latest party at Studio 338 didn’t disappoint.

For circumstances beyond my control, I rocked up at the Greenwich greenhouse just past 2am. I was unsure of what the crowd would be like after 11 hours on the trot, but was pleased to see the glass roof smothered in strobe soaked smoke, with a crowd that was totally up for it.

We managed to catch a set from Ilario Alicante, who swayed between pumping techno and a few garage-influenced classics. He even managed to persuade the entire club to sit down mid-set for a seemingly never-ending build up, testament to the crowd who were not quite as earnest as your average techno-lover in London.

My favourite track from the night has to be the Intellidread mix of A Face In The Crowd by DJ Assassin (Get Physical) – it featured on Body Language Vol. 09 back in 2010, and is clearly one of the tracks in Alicante’s arsenal that will never get old, as everyone went absolutely mad.

Aside from that, the club itself really seems to have gone from strength to strength, from installing a mammoth Void Soundsystem, to opening up another huge bar area. The security can be slightly overbearing sometimes, but it doesn’t distract too much from the general feel-good Ibiza vibe.

So Eminem doesn’t like techno? Never trust a man that names his penis Haley.

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Cocoon @ Studio 338 on Saturday 5th July