SlothBoogie Summer Mix Series : Part 4 : Timmy

Here’s my (Timmy’s) contribution to our Summer 2014 Mix Series. Listening to the other’s we’ve had the summer time lad off in part one courtesy of Pat. Disco poolside jams from Debs in Part 2, and KMG’s chugging vinyl mix for the third in the series.

What more could I add without stepping on the toes of those who’ve gone before me… I sat down and found a few tunes I’ve been amassing for a wile and just filing under Jazz in my playlist folder for early doors and drinking sets. When I started going through them I though these records deserve more than being drowned out by the sound of drunk junior project managers going heavy on their bosses credit card. They are lovingly crafted head nodders, delicately touched edits or honest originals. So I stuck a bunch together for that sunny afternoon vibe for the attentive listener. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did making it.