An Interview with Darius Syrossian (August 2014)

Congratulations on the Sankeys 20th Anniversary album. Aside from the Beatport controversy, you must be pretty chuffed, right?

Yeah of course, the feedback I am getting from the people who have bought it is unreal and it’s great to see. My Twitter is going crazy with people telling me how much they are feeling it. And the tracks I made for the album are becoming favourites on the Tribal Sessions dance floor in Ibiza this summer, but yes it would have been nice if the release wasn’t messed up on Beatport. I’m sure they will fix it eventually but the physical CD was out properly in all the shops at least hahaha.

The project was started back in January, and CD 1 is all your own material – how did you find the time to make that much music in just a few months?

Because I am a workaholic, and spent 3 days a week in the studio doing solid 12 hour sessions almost. I had a LOT of motivation to do this, which is why one of the tracks is called ‘Motivar’.

After I left VIVa in January, I wanted to show what I could do when I could express myself freely. It’s great though because in the last week alone people who have been out have been texting me and whatsapping me clips of DJs like, Kerri Chandler, Heidi, Dennis Ferrer, Maya Jane Coles all playing tracks from the album and it’s a great feeling.

The first year of the weekly Tribal Sessions residency in Sankeys Ibiza is looking pretty wild at the moment. What have been some of the highlights so far?

The dance floor has been totally packed almost every night at the end and after I closed the main room one night the atmosphere was so good, club owner and Tribal Sessions brainchild David Vincent did a stage dive and crowd surfed from the decks while I was playing my last track (‘Nomad’ – Devotion), I won’t be forgetting that for a while hahaha.

Fellow Leeds lad Paul Woolford recently joined you on the line up earlier in the month – did your paths ever cross in Leeds before you both hit the big time?

Hahaha of course! We did a track together called ‘STEP OFF‘ back in 2009, he was using his Bobby Peru guise and we spent loads of hours In my studio in Leeds. Also before the summer I was hanging out at his place chilling. He is a great guy, and definitely a true music head – fits the Tribal Sessions bill perfectly.

How do you feel about the return of Tribal Sessions resident Greg Vickers at Sankeys Manchester on 22nd August with Danny Tenaglia?

It’s great. It is one of those fairy tale kind of stories isn’t it? For those that remember the Tribal Sessions days of old, they will know what Greg meant to the club and how much he did for the club.

Who are your favourite resident DJs of all time?

What a good question, I think residents are the best DJs, for me, Miles holloway and Elliot Eastwick when they were Hard Times residents back in the day when Hard Times was at its peak. Also when The End in London was at its peak, the guys there were doing something right.

I heard some ace cassettes years ago too from Junior Vasquez’s sets in New York, and of course I have to take my hat off to Ralph Lawson and Huggy and James Holroyd for making Back to Basics in Leeds such a legendary place by being such amazing DJs in the first 6 or 7 years of the Back to Basics years. Talking of residencies, I cannot wait to do my 13 week Manchester residency every Friday in Manchester when I’m back in the UK after the summer. I have turned down some big money offers to tour, but a residency is something I have always wanted to do and now is the perfect time I think.

Finally, what track sums up your mood right now?

Definitely this track > Cajmere feat Dajae – Brighter Days ( Underground goodies remix ) I played it toward the end of my set at tribal sessions the other night and the club went absolutely crazy, then I played it AT&T he after party’s round the pool and everyone went crazy, and it’s such a feel good track.

See Darius play Tribal Sessions, Friday 22nd August with Danny Tenaglia –

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