Talaboman – Sideral EP

Well this collaboration has got our pants frothing!?!?
John Talabot & Axel Boman team up as Talaboman and are releasing this Sideral EP on both Studio Barnhus and Hivern Discs. Its out next week so hit that pre-order button!!!
You’ll recoginse this if you had the JT DJ Kicks last summer… its a beaut!

“This record is dedicated to the legendary dj Aleix “Sideral” Vergés, who ruled over Barcelona’s underground discotecas during the turn of the millennium and sadly passed away in 2006. A truly fearless and idiosyncratic dj, Sideral mixed genres wildly and brilliantly, uniting in the dance people from all kinds of musical backgrounds. At a time when few djs dared cross musical borders, he was a real inspiration for both the Barcelona native Talabot and the young Swede Boman, who lived in the city during the peak of Sideral’s reign.”