Audiofly AF140 – Performance Series – In Ear Monitors Review

The team at Audiofly in Australia are really are doing it right with their kit these days. We got a pair of their consumer AF78s last summer to play with and they were great so we were very happy that they sent over a pair of their newest high end in ear studio monitors to check out.

Audiofly AF140

The unboxing feels really special as you flip open the front magnetised cover to be greeted by the pair of monitors sitting snuggly in their foam slots as well as the quality canvas storage wallet. What impressed me last time about the Audiofly delivery was the attention paid to lots of tiny detail in the packaging and the amount of accessories and kit that they pack into the box. It makes such a huge difference when you’ve shelled out on a pair of serious kit. For example even the velcro strap holding the cord of the earphones in a organised coil is well thought out and reinforces the premium feeling of the set.

The huge stand out thing for me with these was the comfort. I tried a pair of outrageously expensive top end in ear monitors from another brand and sent them back without a review as I had to take them off after a couple of minutes cause they were so uncomfortable. The Audiofly pair come with different sized interchangeable COMPLY isolating foam ear buds. They help glide the AF140s into your ear canal and then expand to take up any remaining space giving you a snug and bespoke fit every time.
(For reference, the other brand felt like you were surgically inserting some unforgiving bit of spiky metal deep into your brain.)

I had the AF140s on for over 3 hours at work while I typed away blissfully unaware of anyone else’s noise in the office. In fact the noise isolation was so good I was pissing everyone off because I couldn’t hear anyone asking me dumb questions so had to take them off! :-/
I reckon I could wear these all day and not get any irritation.

The sound is as amazing as you’d expect for the £250. The bass is full and the mids and highs crisp delivering an overall sound thats very impressive. If you’re producing tracks on the move then I would definitely recommend these as they are relatively subtle compared to some of the in ear monitors out there and block everything out allowing you to have them at a comfortable volume.

Something else to think about though is that there’s another 2 steps up in their performance series which makes me wonder just how much better they can get?!

Nice work Audiofly… keep them coming!

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UK Pricing
AF120 – £189.99
AF140 – £249.99
AF160 – £309.99
AF180 – £369.99

Audiofly AF140 - Performance Series