La.Ga.Sta. Late Summer Compilation Vol 4 (FREE DOWNLOAD)

The Lagasta dream team have gone and done it again with another of their free download compilations. Their 4th Late Summer Compilation is packed full of brand new tracks from some of our favourite artists and provides us with some great jams to reminisce about a pretty wicked summer here in the UK. Nice work guys!

“Everything we love about summer is here: delicious tropical-flavored tracks, road trips under the sun, silky smooth house tunes, cool drinks by the pool, gentle sea breezes caressing our faces, and dancing on the sand ’til dawn. You should know by now that summer on La.Ga.Sta. never ends. Ride with us.” – We sure will :)

Grab the 15 tracks below and hit up La.Gas.Sta for the full tracklist and some more info about all the artists that took part.

We’re trying to get the guys down on our guestmix series so hold tight!