NI Everybody DJ competition #whatwouldyouplay

So who thinks they are a DJ then? Want a free trip to Berlin with ‘Guestlist to the biggest clubs’ (I assume this means no Berghain then). Then enter this competition where all you have to do is make a mix with the Traktor DJ app & upload it to mixcloud with a mobile device tagging itĀ #whatwouldyouplay. It sounds simple, but it gets easier, if you don’t have the app all you need to do is make a Spotify playlist and tag it #whatwouldyouplay when you post it in the facebook comments of the video.

Considering this is a playlist / play count & social promotion competition I doubt you’ll be judged on your mastery of the app, so all of you who’ve been diligently learning the finer points of theĀ flanger need not apply. Just bang a few tunes together and get your mates to click play a few thousand times.

There’s a video full of creatives here to inspire your curation of the perfect soundtrack – if a photographer & entrepreneur can DJ so can you, looks like a banging party… Get involved

Now wheres my camera & investment portfolio.