12 of the best FREE DOWNLOADS I’ve found… since last time.

So my last post of free tunes was rather popular, alas I haven’t followed it up until now. So to make up for my lack of effort I thought I’d share a bumper load of tunes for you. I’ve got soo much to get though I think it’s probably best if we just jump in there with this haunting little pumper of a remix from the fantastic John Talabot of the Bicep lads.


Next up, in what might be a first for Slothboogie, is some drum & bass. Pixelord has made this awesome, liquid almost Calibure esque rework of Aphex Twin’s Ziggomatic V17, well worth a listen it’s not all that chainsaw bass that never seems to die in the scene at the moment, but a lovely crafted piece of headphone listening.


A beautiful record by Thrupence from the Future Classic stable, thats it really  – class Act, class label – well worth your ears time.


I don’t really know a lot about the Funk Hunk, apart from typing that name nearly made me fall off my chair, but this edit of the Disco Wizards is great for that midnight ‘when all the drinks kick in’ time slot.


Here’s a live version of Dorian Concepts ‘The Few’, it’s a bit good… and the album isn’t even out yet so get stuck into this & tell your friends to grab that pre-order.


Up now a look back in time from the Wolf Music lads from their first ever release. They really cracked it from the start didn’t they…
This one is only up for a limited time so get it whist you can.


Now I really don’t want to think of this as a bit of a cheap shot ‘lets make a deep house version of this funky tune that was big a few years ago’ but it probably is… But it sounds good though hey?


I think this tune from Beshken is best summed up by one of it’s comments on Soundcloud ‘I can’t wait to conceive my first child to this song.’


Bastard Jazz always deliver & it’s even sweeter when it’s free. This Captain Planet tune is soo well put together it would a crime not to shout about it.


A lovely spaced out chugger from once time guest of ours Cottam, pushing a bit of acid & spoken word through this chugging beat. It’s also a .wav download for all you quality geeks.


This tune from Olafur Arnalds will, I promise you, change your day for the better.


The stoned student version of myself fucking loved this comedy tune from Father Funk  and now it’s getting given away for free! FUCK SHIT STACK.


Right my fingers hurt now, rather a cross section this time but all good stuff, you can thank me by coming to see me & the rest of the SlothBoogie lads down the Queen of Hoxton for our monthly throwdown on October 17th.