Interview with James Barnsley (Back to Basics resident, Vessel Records)

Leeds Back to Basics resident, James Barnsley, has been focusing on his productions for the last 6 years, seeing him signed to some of the worlds leading heavy weight labels such as Get Physical, Murmur, Safari Electronique, Catwash, and Overall Music as well as receiving remix requests from the likes of Pura Music and Esperanza.

Here we chat about Leeds, Back to Basics, and the announcement of a brand new record label he’s set up…

You’ve been a resident DJ at Back to Basics for years now – what have been some highlights so far?

To be honest there’s too many to mention but one which I will never forget is when I played my first Basics main room gig warming up for Ralph Lawson at Stinkys Peephouse. Having been going to Basics for a good few years and been to some of the most amazing parties, where I soaked up so much inspiration it felt like a dream to be playing there.

You’re renowned for your opening and closing sets. What are your go-to tracks when it comes to opening or closing at Basics?

I do try to make every set a little different and it depends what the vibe is on the night really and I wouldn’t want to give all my Basics bullets away so I guess you will have to check me out at basics to hear these.

You’ve been concentrating on your productions in recent years, with some really nice rhythmic, deep house tracks – what direction do you see your music going in years to come?

I will always be true to house and these days I am liking a lot of techno so I’m making a lot house with techno sounds. If you check out some of my recent mixes you will hear where I’m going.

Tell us a little bit about your new label, Vessel Records?

Vessel is a new project which I am very excited about. Me and some good friends have been working on the label over the past 11 months with music from myself and some new alias projects from me and the guys plus some amazing producers which we love. Vessel is due to Launch early 2015 so all will be revealed very soon.

Which northern producer do you think will blow up in 2015?

Any one with a bomb up there arse.

What do you think Leeds nightlife is missing right now?

I would say Leeds is missing a cool underground club which sums up the vibe and feel that we had throughout Basics’ years at Stinkys Peephouse and The Garage. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing that then you will know what I’m talking about. In typical Dave Beer fashion Basics has something up its sleeve to quote the man himself he wants to create something specials that Leeds has never seen before which will not be just a night club it will be a creative space for the people to give something back to the people it will also house a music academy were people can learn the basics from Back to basics and I cant wait to be a part of it.

Finally, what track sums up your mood right now?

‘Cab Drivers – Five’ is a firm favourite.

Now, here’s James’ recent podcast exclusively for the Northern Sloths podcast series…