What does Luke Pompey think Leeds is missing right now?

READ this interview with Love Not Money head honcho, Luke Pompey.

to his latest podcast with Slothboogie. This is part of our Northern Sloths Podcast Series which is showcasing our favourite talent from the north of England.

You launched new label Coloursounds last week, which includes local band CulturGen. What kind of direction are you hoping to take with this?   
Aye I’m in the middle of launching two, the first being ‘Coloursounds’ and the second ‘Wild Life’. I get sent a lot of good music from talented artists, some of it’s just too good to turn down and fit into the LNM release schedule so it made sense to create some more outputs and cover a couple more bases. ‘Coloursounds’ will be the slightly more diverse label focusing on Disco, Indie and Pop with a lot live elements in there and ‘Wild Life’ will cover more underground sounds of House & Tech.
What does this mean for Love Not Money?
Love Not Money will continue as normal. I’m a proper music fiend and like so much diverse stuff. As a DJ I’ve never been tied to one sound and I think that reflects in Love Not Money. Our releases differ in sound from one to the other and we’ve become known for releasing good quality music right across the board, wether it’s suited for the club, after-party or beach. I really enjoy the role of an A&R, I mean I only really play a small percentage of the stuff I sign for Love Not Money but it’s not about me it’s always been about supporting the young talent breaking through and keeping things current. By launching these sub-labels it means I can sign an even more diverse range of music and explore some more underground stuff and some more mainstream bits.
Who would be a dream signing for you?
Masters At Work or Kerri Chandler
Which northern DJ or producer do you think will blow up in 2015?
An old friend of mine from the early days when I first started DJing in Leeds… ‘Denney’. He’s flying at the minute and deservedly so, we had him on our 1st Vinyl release early last year and since he’s gone on to work with Hot Creations, Viva and a long list of other big labels and producers. 2014’s been big for him but I can’t help but think he’s just scratching at the surface.
What do you think Leeds is missing right now? 
There’s not much Leeds hasn’t got to be fair. I’m always gonna be bias towards Leeds as it’s been good to me over the years. I think musically it will always continue to breed new talented producers due to its thriving music scene and renowned colleges and universities but I can’t help but think that asides from the odd independent promoter it’s the big student events companies that seem to be running things at the minute. Shit used to be way more naughty when I was studying and events were more independently run. Students had more room to manoeuvre instead of feeling like they’d loose out unless they conformed to selling tickets for one of the powerhouses… Ketoloco, Mono_Cult, Dirty Disco, Louche, were all independently run by students that went on to be massive brands… They’ve all but nearly vanished, along with more nationally recognised brands Leeds was home to, the likes of Filth, Speedqueen, Kissdafunk etc… Basics is still chipping away holding the torch which is ace and events like Prism & System at Mint bring in the big boys but apart from that I’m struggling to think of other independent promotions thats not part of a student events company? (I’m leaving mission out of this cos it’s full of chavas). Clubbers and proper music heads in the city need to fix up and take it back, theres big boots to fill.
In terms of your own music and gigs, what do you have coming up?
On the production front I’ve had a bit of a Hiatus. I spent the 1st 4 month of this year touring America filming a TV series. When I got back I played catch up with Love Not Money Records then like a mad man decided to launch the new labels and get involved in two new business ventures, one of them is a music consultancy service and the other is a cool new concept for festival entertainment. I’m in the middle of moving house too so i’ve been none stop with all that and the year just seems to of flown by. I’m looking forward to getting settled again though over the next few months and getting stuck into some production ready for 2015. Gig wise I’ve always got a lot on which is nice as DJings my first love. I’ve done had some amazing gigs this summer at various festivals but club wise I’m getting proper stuck in to my residency for Prism at Mint Club which is going from strength to strength, It’s been a tough 18 months building that but Burno the man behind the brand and a good friend of mine has done a top job and we’ve got our crowd now. Alongside that I’ve gigs coming up across the UK over the coming months with London, Newcastle, Manchester & Birmingham on the cards.
Finally, what track sums up your mood right now?
As it happens I’m winding down to a bit of Bob Marley ‘Jammin’… “Always Jammin”!


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