An interview with Le Youth

We love a good bit of tropical slo-mo house here at Slothboogie, and nobody does it better in the mainstream than Wes James, aka Le Youth. The LA producer and DJ has become renowned for his signature blend of house, R&B and leisurely disco, and the pop hook on his debut ‘C O O L’ single catapulted him into the charts. Since then, he’s gone on to remix for the likes of Disclosure and Lana del Ray, whilst creating yet another summer anthem this year with Feel Your Love ft Javeon…he’s also JUST announced his new track.

We caught up with him…

Since C O O L was released in 2013, your career has escalated dramatically. What are the 5 COOLest things that have happened for you since then?

Paid my bills
Moved to the beach
Played shows around the world
Heard my music on the radio
Proved everybody wrong

Much like Disclosure, you have got ‘the gift’ for combining underground sounds with a great pop hook. What would you say is the best pop hook of all time?

Aaliyah – Rock The Boat

Can we expect more music under your real name, Wes James, like the slo-mo Lana del Ray remix earlier in the year?

I doubt it.

You present the Friday Night House Party on Capital XTRA, where people get to listen to a different side of your music taste. What kind of music would people be surprised to see on your last 100 played Spotify songs?

Jesse Mccartney, Ne-Yo, Justin Timberlake… Too embarrassed to say the rest.

You’re a little bit of a favourite for the XOYO gang and their crowd, and you’re playing there again on Friday with Friendly Fires – what do you think of the club, and London as a party city?

XOYO is one of my favorite clubs to play in the world. I’ve had some unforgettable nights there.

What exciting releases or gigs do you have coming up, and what do you hope to have achieved in 10 years time?

I just put up a new jam today that I’m really excited about called R E A L. In 10 years I’d like to feel content.

Finally, what track sums up your mood right now?
Ace of Base – All She Wants (SNBRN x KLATCH Remix)