“This is NOT a sex party”. Brummie night sparkles in London


You know you have a good thing going when your Resident Advisor page says “this is NOT a sex club”. Magic Door launched in London on Friday, and by GOD does the city need parties like this. The flamboyant house and disco night started two years ago in Birmingham with the motto of promoting escapism and liberation…with lots of glitter along the way. It began in a small 150 capacity club with friends, but has gone on to sell out warehouse spaces across the UK, and the London debut has been long awaited for many.

We were greeted by a super-welcoming harem of ‘G.o.D’s (Guardians of the Door)’ and ‘Crafty Girls’ at the Grotto of Red Gallery on Rivington Street in Shoreditch. Upon arrival, a purple magic bean was given to us as one of the girls said, “find the magic door and we’ll do you up”. So, we meandered through a packed-out igloo-type room playing classic disco and funk, then downstairs to the ‘Magic Door’ itself to get dressed up.

photo 3

The girls caked us in glitter and capes as we then exited through a big wooden door, which turned out to be the stage of the main dance floor. For me, this is a great touch as it takes the focus AWAY from the DJ and makes it all about the people partying.

photo 1

I was sober at this point, but it was strangely liberating being in a room full of every type of person. I’d say it was mostly girls, rare for any club. Along with that there were laddy guys, gays, people in their 40s…a really nice mix of lovely music-conscious people who were more interested in having fun and dancing than being cool.

Kirsty, one of the crafty girls, was telling us how everyone involved in the party are friends – testament to the night really, as there were about 50 of them floating about the venue, all of which had travelled from Birmingham that day.

photo 2

I’d describe Magic Door as a beautiful amalgamation of Sink The Pink vs Jaded. It’s fun and debauched, but boasts a consistent music policy, with modern classics like Untitled by Paul Woolford and Thinkin’ by Dale Howard getting rapturous screams from the crowd. There was an after party too around the corner that was still going strong at 10am.

I loved it, everyone in there loved it, and I can’t wait for it to return to London. Look out for pop up parties around Leeds, Bristol, Nottingham, Brighton, Manchester and Cornwall.


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