Serato goes Boxless…

I got this press release last night, had a look through at all the weird and wonderful controllers that have screens in, jog wheels, buttons, whistles, turney knobs, etc etc & had the usual reaction, meh… I understand for the bedroom DJ these are great, some even use them playing out. They’ve always been useful because they are cheaper than a pair of decks or cdj’s, but when you stick 3 screens in one and make it of metal your getting mighty close to XDJ 1000 or CDJ 850 territory…. Anyway thats my take.


Now onto the massive, massive, announcement that you now don’t need a Serato box to use Serato! You can just USB into the Pioneer DJM 850 or 900 NXS & your away, naturally you’ve got to pay for the privilege. As a staunch Serato user for the last 10 years I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to think I might not have to turn up early to every booking and annoy the DJ before me by fucking about with the back of the mixer. I also cannot tell you how many times I’ve pulled out the wrong cable, a packed bussey building know what I’m on about – oops. We truly are living in the future people, this is massive game changer and dicks all over anything anyone else has done – I know Traktor can do it, but it’s a hassle. Fingers crossed this will be as smooth as everything else in the Serato ecosystem.


So we’ve looked at the controllers, no boxes needed plug & play, well there’s a load more like Denon’s micro serato box which is cool, yet rather pointless unless your really need that extra 100 grams on the plane. Oh and there’s an updated TTM, too late in my opinion – I bought the original one of these 6 months before Serato DJ got released and I’m still pissed about it not being compatible.


Why they didn’t release this lot for christmas I don’t know but hey, go get spending people.