Field Day 2015 3rd wave of acts announced

Astronomyy/ Clarence Clarity/ Farnborough Concert Band Future Brown/ Hackney Colliery Band/ Hælos/ Honne/ Rae Morris Ratking/ Spector/ We Are Shining

DJ sets
AG Cook/ Bok Bok/ Cashmere Cat/ Danny L Harle / DJ Barely Legal/ Max Tundra/ MssingNo/ Shanti Celeste / Yung Gud

Ch ch check it out, here’s a bunch more acts for London’s Field Day Festival to be held in Victoria park on Saturday June 6th. It’s announcements like this that remind me that not too far away there are times when you can leave your house without a coat! Here’s some Bands & DJ’s etc. I’m sure they’ll be fun when I’m off my nut. BUT, and thats a very big BUT, The Hackney Colliery Band are playing, imagine how good this it going to be in the sun with 5 pints of ‘craft’ beer down you…. summers coming.