Strictly DJ T. – 25 Years Of Strictly Rhythm

DJ T. steps up for Strictly Rhythm to give us a bloody good house work out!
The landmark house label will be celebrating their 25th anniversary with a new mix album that takes you on a trip through the rich musical history of the legendary imprint. On mixing duties is Get Physical founder and long-term Strictly fan DJ T., who has gone back in the archives to bring you tracks from classic Strictly artists including Logic, Aly-Us, DJ Pierre, Hardrive, DJ Sneak, Wink and many more… what’s more is that DJ T. has also gone one step further by creating a brand new edit of each track!
“These old tracks don’t really have a mix-friendly intro and outro; they often just fade out or stop abruptly” says T. “I wanted to make these classics easier to use in contemporary sets and to be able to improve a track, so that it becomes interesting and playable for DJs nowadays without changing its essence.” – DJ T.

Get a flavour of the huge house head package below and pre-order on iTunes now

1. Aly-Us ‘Follow Me’ (Instrumental – DJ T. Edit)
2. Wink ‘Higher State of Consciousness’ (DJ Wink’s Hardhouse Mix – DJ T. Edit)
3. Hardhead ‘Only The Strong Survive’ (DJ T. Edit)
4. Reality Check ‘Fantasy’ (Whipped And Turned Mix – DJ T. Edit)
5. Essence ‘Moments In House’ (Full Effect Mix – DJ T. Edit)
6. The Untouchables ‘Dance To The Rhythm’ (DJ T. Edit)
7. Rare Arts featuring R.I.C. ‘Yeah (I Got You Movin’)’ (Menealo Mix – DJ T. Edit)
8. Lil’ Mo’ Yin Yang ‘Reach’ (Yin Yang Dub – DJ T. Edit)
9. U.P.I. ‘She’s A Freak’ (DJ T. Edit)
10. Photon Inc. featuring Paula Brion ‘Generate Power’ (Wild Pitch Mix – DJ T. Edit)
11. Hardrive ‘Deep Inside’ (The Dub – DJ T. Edit)
12. Logic ‘The Warning’ (Inner Mix – DJ T. Edit)