Thursdays in March…a roundup

It kills me to say it, but I’m a slave to the 9-6 working week. As my more party-focussed buddies ask me, “come out on Thursday mate, it’s gonna be killer”, I can’t help but sip longingly into my cup of Horlicks wondering why I rejected the offer. March is going to be a little different for me though I think, as there are some pretty heavy line ups to be had. Here’s some of the favourites so far:


5th March: Leaf presents: Max Cooper – Emergence @ Oval Space

Anyone that has seen ex-scientist Cooper live will agree he flawlessly mixes the beautiful side of ambient electronica with visceral techno. Emergence is his groundbreaking audio / visual project to create an overpowering sensory experience.


12th March: Opening Party of Convergence: Clark, Luke Abbott, Vessels (Live), Rival Consoles @ Village Underground

Convergence had a pretty epic launch year last year, mixing visual art and music pioneers that are using technology in an innovative manner. Post-rave techno from Clark and live band Vessels who come armed with two drummers.


19th March: Perc Live! – Support From Bronze Teeth at Birthdays

It’s Perc. Basically an amalgamation of noise and sex.

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Max Cooper presents EMERGENCE – trailer video from Max Cooper on Vimeo.