We know who the Half Baked special guest is…

The notorious Half Baked Easter weekend party with Berghain resident, Tama Sumo, was announced last week. The 15-hour party will be held at Studio 338 in Greenwich, and the question on everyone’s lips is, “who’s the special guest?”.

A clue will be with you in a couple of short weeks, but we can confirm it’s a biggie!

4th release tickets still available here.

Studio 338 | 5th April 2015
16:00 – 07:00

Main Room:
Special Guest
Tama Sumo
Hold Youth AKA Seuil & Le Loup
Enrico Mantini
Robin Ordell

Room 2:
Dan Andrei
Greg Brockmann
Georgio Oniani & Nicola Cima
Dean Marc & Jason Glanville