‘Before 8 years Fachwerk’ by Mike Dehnert , Roman Lindau & Sascha Rydell

Mike Denhert is a name synonymous with the gritty, raw and closely reverberated techno that is loved amongst Berliners. This EP from him, Roman Lindau and Sascha Rydell is a beautiful amalgamation of 8 years of techno, and is the predecessor for the big album that will arrive in June/July.

This EP is pretty much perfectly well-rounded. You have the spooky vibes with Avant Que (Denhert), the trippyness of Identified (Rydell), and the main set momentum from Rockin Snare (Lindau) and Hain (Denhert). If this is a sign of things to come, the 8 years album is going to be pretty special.

a1 Mike Dehnert – Avant Que
a2 Sascha Rydell – Identified
b1 Roman Lindau – Rockin snare
b2Mike Dehnert – Hain

Release date: End of March/May.