The end of railway arches clubs in London? RIP Crucifix Lane

Crucifix Lane have just announced they will close their doors for good after Easter. With the demise of Cable feeling all too recent, it signals part of an enduring tidal wave of destruction caused by property developments and Network Rail.

Opening in the 90s, the club was formerly known as Jacks, and hosted weekly nights from Andrew Weatherall, a debut London show from Chemical Brothers and Tresor, along with hosting the much video for I Like The Way by Bodyrockers. In recent years, Crucifix Lane had forged a really nice, close-nit family of party people and employees alike, with legendary nights from the Solo Danza crew, along with Bugged Out parties and Steve Lawler’s Harlem Nights.

London is still the epicenter of partying in the UK, but it seems to be the big institutions that are baring the scars of new infrastructure in the city.

Anyway, let’s see out Crucific Lane with a bang.

Here are the final parties:

Cartuli’s Day – Thursday 2nd April
Obsolete Music Technology aka Steven Tang (live), Janina, Lamache +more

Solo Danza – Saturday 4th April
Margaret Dygas, Tobi Neumann, Dennis Christopher, Leroy Roberts and more will all play for Solo Danza’s (probably) emotional return to a venue they love.