[REVIEW] Magic Door @ Boxxed, Birmingham

Twas a cold December night when Birmingham collective, Magic Door, launched their first London party at Red Gallery in Shoreditch. I was intrigued to find out how a launch party managed to sell out within days of going on sale, so I decided to check it out. That day, I rekindled a love of glitter, and knew I had to witness the party at its spiritual home – Boxxed in Birmingham.

For those that don’t know about it, Magic Door was started by Megan Bliss, Deano Ferrino, Will Power and Jit Patel just over two years ago. After years of promoting events separately, they decided to create their own intimate ‘escapist’ gathering. It all started in a small 150 capacity club amongst good friends, but they are now selling out events where ever they go and are getting invites to host parties at some the most choice dance music festivals around including The Garden Festival, Croatia and Eastern Electrics. Co-founder Jit is the democratic ‘ringleader’ of an eccentric party family who help out with all aspects of the event. The best thing is, each and every member of the family are absolutely bonkers in the most wonderful way.

The effort and detail that goes into each event is pretty astounding. They had spend days making and perfecting clouds that were hanging from the ceiling. There was a party caravan outside to dip in and out of, a massive group photobooth for when you look fit at the beginning of the night, and of course the infamous rabbit hole-style Magic Door, where you enter to get dressed up and exit on to the dancefloor via a slide.


Much like Red Gallery, they made Boxxed like a little Alice in Wonderland adventure. Halfway through the night, I was told there was another room I hadn’t even discovered yet, which was playing some harder, more hypnotic house (or “spooky house” as they like to call it) and techno.

Without sounding like a dick, the night really does take you on a bit of a musical journey:

You enter to disco > Disco becomes funkier and a bit faster > Without realising it, it all gets a bit harder and bassier with interspersed with the occasional smatter of 90s house > > before you know it, you’re off your tits listening a fully driving sound which they have aptly termed discotechno!

Like all of their parties, they don’t disclose the special guest until the night. Tonight, it was Norman Jay, and he absolutely killed it! The crafty girls I met inside the Magic Door room had even made a special hat for him, which he proudly wore during his set.

There is so much I could talk about with this night – I’m hooked! Clubs and dance music in general are far too serious nowadays. People follow the headliners, and that is what makes partying stale. Magic Door do things a little differently, and because of that, they have a loyal following that trust their musical judgement. No matter where you are in the country, you have to experience Magic Door in all its glory.

Thank you to the ‘crafty girls’ for giving me more makeup than they should have (and thank you for coming to find me later just to give me a big hug). Thank you to Jit for inviting me up to party with everyone. Thank you to Norman Jay for getting the party swinging in prime time slot. And finally, thank you to the INCREDIBLE crew of strangers that became my new friends between 1am-6am.

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