Voyage Direct – First Mission

Tom Trago’s Voyage Direct label has stacked up a huge batch of tracks for a new compilation… 11 new and 11 previously released classics have been lined up and will be released as “First Mission” very soon.
So far the label has released music by: Legowelt, Dexter, Awanto 3, William Kouam Djoko, Overlast, Maxi Mill, San Proper, Boris Werner and Tom Trago himself…

“I loved the music being made around me, and it wasn’t getting released,” Trago explains. “I thought somebody had to get it all together and put it out on a label. There’s so much stuff happening here, for me it’s unnecessary to look elsewhere for good music. It’s a very personal thing. I know everybody I release music from personally, we hang out, they come with me to clubs, and we do parties together. It’s not just a label, but also a community.”

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