Michael Jackson – P.Y.T. Reworks

London disco duo Benny & Gain are back with another loungey, laid back number, this time giving the dub treatment to the classic P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) by Michael Jackson. The track is yours in exchange for a ‘Like’ on their Facebook page.

Head over to www.luxarmusic.co.uk where you can download the full EP which includes remixes from Luxar and hi-res bonus artwork from Forces Creative (preview below).


Poolside Radio


Looking forward to Summer?  Yeah me too. A LOT. Poolside Radio might just help you get there a little quicker.

With an endless loop of summer-influenced tracks covering everything from Nu Disco to Hip Hop, Poolside Radio provides the perfect soundtrack to that rooftop party, that Sunday barbecue and even those pre-night out drinks in your mate’s front room.

Poolside Radio copy

All the music is accompanied by some great visuals taken from classic 80’s movies and adverts that you can skip through til your heart’s content using the Poolside Radio interface which I had the pleasure of designing along with the site’s logo – a great project to be part of.

Simply head over to Poolside.fm, launch the player, and welcome Summer in early.

Meet Jordy Van Den Nieuwendijk

Whether created with oil pastel, paint marker or computer-drawn, it’s hard not to love these playful, yet suave illustrations from  Dutch artist Jordy Van Den Nieuwendijk. With work for Bloomberg, Elle, Esquire, New York Times and Collette under his belt, it’s easy to see the global admiration he has already gained.For more of Jordy’s work, head over to his website or download his portfolio PDF from his French creative agency, Mr L’Agent.