Nightmare’s on Wax – ‘N.O.W is the time’ documentary

Nightmares on Wax have shared a retrospective documentary directed by Rollo Jackson, giving insight into Nightmares on Wax’s long-standing career and 25 years of music history in anticipation of the ‘N.O.W IS THE TIME’ compilation out next month…

The Central Executives – A Walk in the Dark __ Golf Channel

From the record label with a mountain range for a logo comes a double LP of rough glitz and a glimpse of a sweaty New York summer. The Central Executives are the latest in an increasingly long line of artists to appear from nowhere on Golf Channel. This NYC ‘collective’ (presumably a band of sorts) have managed to create a real sense of place on debut LP ‘A Walk in the Dark’… and as you listen that place is very much 70s NYC, and with an aura of real purpose.

Golf Channel have described the album as “the back street escapism these troubled times demand”, which in a sense is exactly what the music in 70s NYC sought to provide (and successfully so). Though the troubles facing us today now manifest themselves differently, the sentiment of escapism and punk attitude, and ultimately a passion to do something differently still produces great moments in music. The Central Executives have managed to evoke that spirit, but more importantly capture it on a exceptional debut LP. Essential purchase.

Coyote – The Socrates EP __ Rothmans

The World Cup looms large, and football fever will grip Brazil even more than usual next month. So what better way than for Rothmans (a brand name I will forever hold synonymous with Nigel Mansell’s early 90’s mega ‘tache) to depart from their usual ‘various artist’ output? By enlisting the talents of Is It Balearic? duo Coyote to bring us ‘The Socrates EP’….

Mark E and Ste Spandex are on remix duties, but for me at least, it’s all about ‘Passing Memories’… an enveloping low-slung driver, which teases out further layers of complexity as it matures. A masterclass in texture…. ‘and this is good’

The 12″ has finally arrived! so fill your boots while you can

HNNY – Always __ Omena Records

I assume when Sweden’s (no-longer) up and coming production talent HNNY refers to ‘Always’, he’s referring to the fact that the sun is shining in your minds eye for the duration of this gorgeous RSD2014 release. It was ridiculously limited… criminally in fact. So Omena have done what we’ve been hoping for, and given it a full release. 12inch available at Phonica as of today