Amirali – Falling Down


The mighty Crosstown Rebels are on the verge of unleashing their secret weapon onto mankind in the form of rising starlet Amirali. After taking centre stage on Damian Lazarus’ seminal Get Lost mix compilation, which was followed by the release of his deep, dark and dubby “Beautiful World” EP and a string of superb live performances at WMC 2012; there’s no doubt that Amirali is preparing a mammoth assault on dance floors with the release of his debut album “In Time” imminent. The soundscapes in this album are incredibly broad and in my opinion it’s nice to hear something come out of that camp that can actually transgresse dancefloors and become, in parts, a home listening piece. Not to say that it isn’t geared up to the club because in places, it very much is but its the diversity that I appreciate.

Not forgetting that it is his growing number of loyal followers that have put him where he is today, it would seem that by means of saying thank you, Amirali is giving away a new & unreleased track for (kinda) free on his Facebook page. The track, entitled “Falling Down” is laced with Amirali’s mesmerising and haunting vocal and is drenched in his immaculate production skills. This dancefloor destroyer will undoubtedly send hearts pulsating and arms a’raising as that sweet, soft, soppy bassline serenades you to the stars. Go grab this piece of
electronic excellence and see for yourself the impact it will have…
Download this certified weekend weapon over here: Amirali – Falling Down

Furthermore, for all you London heads out there, you can catch Amirali playing his debut live set on Saturday at UK institution: Fabric.


When the news dropped that Simon Cowell was set to launch his very own DJ X-Factor show, well nobody really knew what to make of it. Some took to the net to express their anger, discomfort and confusion as to why Mr. Cowell would do such a thing (apart from money obviously), where as others found an opportunity to have a bit of fun. Queue Steve Lawler, an absolute legend in the scene with over twenty years experience who decided to give us his two cents on the issue.

If you are having a bad day, this will sure cheer you up, if you are having a great day then the following video will make it just a touch better. Enjoy!

And talking of X Factor get your tickets to V Festival


Some seriously deep, luscious, melodic goodness from Electric Minds this time courtesy of Ilija Rudman. This EP has got a nice disco feel whilst remaining very much on a house tip.

The lead track “Cinematic Behaviour” has got boogie flavours and melodic patterns which would go down a treat on any discerning dance floor, particularly with its sweet, sultry, catchy vocal that rides aloft crisp high hats. On the flip, the Croatian Ilija takes us on a trip through the 80s with its irresistible groove and insanely catchy piano stabs.

Am a big fan of this label’s output and the fantastic loft parties they throw a few times a year, keep your eyes peeled for these wicked events as they are not to be missed.

As a bonus, here’s a live recording of label head Dolan Bergin from his recent loft party in February…


Adam Shelton’s One Records imprint has been gathering serious momentum of late with some absolutely quality releases from the likes of Alex Arnout, Yakine and the mighty Jordan Peak. With their 13th release, they welcome to the fold Slok who comes up trumps with his Roots EP; backed by remixes from label favourites Kris Wasdworth, Alex Arnout and Adam Shelton.

The lead track, “Roots” builds slow and steady in an array of high hats, claps and drum patterns before a melodic synth rides above a catchy, eerie vocal snippet. On the flip, “My Soul” is a true house number perfect for those dance floor work outs, intricately layered yet incredibly effective.

On remix duties, One Records summon Detroit’s Kris Wadsworth who lays down his trade mark peak time thumping sound complete with deep & dark keys and when someone entitles their remix “Quarter pounder with Sleaze”, what’s not to like?!

Further to this we have future starlet of the house scene, Alex Arnout who’s more stripped back, deep house interpretation is a solid piece of work. Add to this a jackin’ Adam Shelton remix and what you have here is a very, very nice package indeed.

Keep your eyes on the sounds coming out of the One Records camp, something tells me they’ll be bossing it by the end of the year. Until then, do yourself a favour and check out the previews below and the EP is out 19th of March.