TERJE BAKKE – J’ADORE EP [Visionquest]


I’m quite the fan of Terje Bakke’s, not only has he got a great name, but he’s also a pretty thrifty producer with a distinct sound and growing fan base. His latest EP dropped on the vicious Visionquest last week and with it the Norwegian prepares to showcase his sound to dance floors worldwide. Terje’s “J’adore” EP is a journey through deep, intricate house music where hypnotic melodies take centre stage – whether it may be the sumptuous guitar licks in the title track or the organ chords in “Nibenay”.

Allegedly, Terje had to take a brief 2 year hiatus from releasing records so as to finish his studies – if that is the case, then I await with eager anticipation what he may have up his sleeve in the future and in the mean time, I’ll lap up this Visionquest release of indisputable fiya. If you like what you hear, support the artist and cop the Terje Bakke – J’adore EP here.


FLYER_ A5_ front

Halloween is a personal highlight in my clubbing calendar – not only is it the only time of the year where it’s socially acceptable to dress as a berk but all the promoters seemingly curate line ups of epic proportions. With so much to choose from across our nation’s capital, my attention turns to Bristol based Just Jack who this year are throwing down a special Freak Boutique night at South London’s favoured Corsica Studios on Saturday 2nd November.

With Berghain resident and vinyl aficionado Nick Hoppner headlining the proceedings, it’s evident that Just Jack are not cutting any corners. Having seen Mr. Hoppner play before, he is perhaps one of the most versatile and daring DJs currently running the circuit. His ability to mesh deep, dubby techno and twisted house music (with some underground grime thrown in for good measure) makes him a must see for any discerning clubber.

Also on the bill, is Amir Alexander – a rising starlet of the scene with previous releases on Hypercolour and Argot as well as a forthcoming release prepped and primed for the marvellous secretsundaze imprint. Finally, completing the guest line up is Prime Numbers head honcho Trus’Me. The self proclaimed “Mancunian Music Head” will be bringing his hypnotic and eclectic style to the Corsica Studios sound system. Naturally, the Just Jack residents will be in attendance with Cher DJs, Dan Wild and Tom Rio make sure the dance floor bubbles up nicely before handing over the reigns to the impressive array of guests that night.

Unfortunately, tickets for this event are sold out! Fortunately mind you, we are giving one lucky ready the chance to win 2x free entry to the Just Jack Freak Boutique at Corsica Studios on November 2nd by simply emailing omasseypromo@gmail.com with a link to your most spooky Halloween house anthem. Winnners will be contacted via email by Friday 1st November.

In the meantime however, allow yourself to be taken on a journey through the farthest confines of underground goodness by Nick Hoppner in this Osgut Ton Boiler Room Berlin takeover. Essential stuff.



As the gloomy weather sets in and the days grow shorter, I always find myself veering toward the slightly darker, edgier sounds house and techno have to offer. It may come as no coincidence then that Ten Walls, fresh from releasing his superb Gotham EP on the equally superb Innervisions imprint, has just uploaded another stunner that perfectly encapsulates the forthcoming Winter months. Check out “Ankaris” below, this brooding synth monster comes complete with creepy overtones and haunting undulating bass notes, delightful stuff…

Little is known about this Ten Walls chap (or chapette for that matter), but with an output as refined as the one we are enjoying at present – we await with eager anticipation for what we may here next.



Day parties can be risky business, particularly in a city like London where “rain”, “shit” and ”overcast” are buzzwords of every British Summer. This year however, the Weather Gods smiled down on us Brits and bucked the trend of the gloomy few months we always await with disappointed anticipation. As such and after a scorching few weeks, September came to pass and with it FOUND’s hotly tipped and highly anticipated day party. For those who didn’t have the funds for a cheeky trip to Ibiza, this event presented itself as one of the few opportunities to have a good old fashioned outdoor hoe down in our nation’s capital. Needless to say, with a line up that featured Frankie Knuckles and Kevin Saunderson, the founding fathers of House and Techno respectively, I was very excited to say the least.

This was to be my first FOUND party and with previous guests encompassing the farthest confines of underground goodness – the likes of Maya Jane Coles, Henrik Schwarz, Boddika, Kyle Hall and Session Victim all previously featuring; I knew I was in very capable hands. I woke up that morning bright and early and immediately glanced out the window – to my delight, I saw not a grey cloud in the sky nor a droplet of rain on my window. After a hearty brunch and a peppery Bloody Mary – I stocked up on Marlboro’s and jumped on a train to Liverpool Street with the view of catching the entire day’s antics. Guided by the sound of a distinctly large sound system which grew louder with every turn of a corner, I arrived at Wilson Street, the place which would play host to a masterclass in House and Techno. I was warmly greeted by a welcoming door staff as well as the sight of the keen ravers already moving to the sounds of low slung house music.

We proceeded to the bar which was stocked to the brim with the finest hooch available and found an army of busy body staff rushing and hustling, ensuring that no man was kept waiting and no mouth went dry. The prices were reasonable and the gin was hearty, this, coupled with the fine weather and a nice, crisp soundsystem – all pointed to a day of fun and frolics.


A quick glance at the set times informed me that warm up duties were being taken care of by The Menendez Brothers. From a distance and to my relief, I could tell they were not in fact the murderous Menendez Brothers who are currently serving life in prison for some heinous crimes – but that’s beside the point. The FOUND residents were neatly intertwining some of the freshest house cuts as well as some instantly recognisable party classics that had been given a welcome dance floor reinterpretation. Needless to say these two where getting the crowd going and were fully embracing the warm up ethic. As the Menendez duo stepped down from the ones and twos, Voyeur took to the stage. Voyeur, who’s debut EP was snapped up by Kerri Chandler’s Madtech imprint, provided another perfect example in the art of warming up . With his groove laden house and disco, he gradually kicked up the proceedings, getting the crowd shuffling with excitement as they eagerly awaited the arrival of two figureheads of the scene. At this point, the gin was giving me a warm fuzzy feeling inside, and I found myself very much head down, one arm raised clearly enjoying what was going on around me. Unfortunately, that enjoyment was at the expense of me taking any notice of what was being played – having said that, I do recall catching Thelma Houston’s “Don’t Leave Me This Way” which marked a personal highlight of Voyeur’s set.

With our visits to the bar becoming more frequent, I noticed that Wilson Street was awash with smiles and sunglasses – it was without doubt a Summer affair and everyone around me was evidently enjoying it. With Voyeur ending his set with some truly explosive records, the stage was set for Mr. Kevin Saunderson to take the reigns. Now, Kevin Saunderson needs no introduction but he certainly warrants one – not only is he one half of Inner City, but he’s also one of the Belleville Three: the man has been seminal in pioneering techno ever since its inception. With a three hour set ahead of him, there was no doubt he was about to give the audience a lecture in quality dance music and how it has evolved over the last 25 years or so…


Even though Ibiza was 1,200 miles away – Saunderson brought with him all the warmth and titillation one could only find with on that beautiful White Isle. Opening with KiNK and Rachel Row’s hard hitting Summer anthem “Follow The Step” – he took to the decks with immediate impact and gusto. The crowd, whipped into a bonafide frenzy became, in that instant, putty in his hands. His mixing and his selection were seamlessly exceptional and his ability to crisscross between modern classics and underground anthems was beyond belief. Something you would undoubtedly expect from a man as legendary as he. From the many tracks Saunderson spun, I did note the likes of DJ W!ld, Storm Queen, Breach and the like, all making an appearance – not to mention Carl Craig’s somewhat overlooked edit of Bicep’s “Vision Of Love”. When Kevin Saunderson’s set drew to a close, he took off his headphones to rapturous applause, Wilson Street now a sea of moving bodies at which Knuckles was about to take the helm.


Frankie Knuckles, the “Godfather of House”, began to put the packed crowd through its paces by neatly ambulating between jackin’ vocal house and disco gems – the mass of partygoers joining in on some hardcore finger piano action. The feel-good atmosphere was omnipresent and despite his set verging at times on the cheddar side of cheese, you felt that credit was due for the man who has revolutionised house music’s journey from day dot. About mid-way through the marathon 3 hour set, Knuckles began to casually and selectively drop some of the classic cuts which provide the foundations for house music today. At this point, the likes of Steve Silk Hurley and Jamie Principle were providing the soundtrack to everyone’s stellar evening… As the sun set, so did the acid (house) – with two hours down and one to go, Knuckles drops a Chi-Town acid infused vocal lead monster which would go down as the track of the night for me but alas I had no clue as to what it was… As the night drew to a close and Frankie started to select his closing tracks, the crowd did not dissipate – perhaps that had something to do with “The Whistle Song” being played all around us by a man who was gleaming from ear to ear at the sea of people in front of him.

In essence, FOUND’s day party was the perfect way to end what was London’s best Summer in 7 years. Hats off to all those involved, not only was the music top drawer but the atmosphere was electric. The line up was guaranteed to make your mouth water and your feet tap and there’s no doubt from the sore feet I woke up to the next day that it delivered on all fronts.

Wrap your ears around a live recording of Voyeur’s set from the aforementioned party, delightful stuff…

For more info on all of FOUND’s forthcoming events visit: http://www.foundseries.co.uk
Photo credits: Kris Cowley, Here & Now Photography